Adult Fitness Classes

No drill sergeant attitude.Lions Kickboxing Fitness combines kickboxing training with elements of cross fitness training, interval training, circuit training and cardio kickboxing. Our Vancouver adult fitness classes—for people 16 years of age and older—are an excellent workout and are great fun! We have attracted a great group of clients. Classes are small, usually no more than 10 people per session and often with two instructors in the studio. We take the personal trainer approach to each class. We provide a non judgmental, work at your own pace environment. No matter what your level of skill and physical ability, you will find a welcoming environment at Lions Kickboxing Fitness. We find this approach is the best way to help you get results. Our no drill sergeant rule is in effect. Providing encouragement and support is what helps people attain their goals.

Group Power Circuit

The Group Power Circuit is a 1 hour circuit workout with a maximum of 12 participants in the class. Timed intervals at each station are followed by rest before moving on the next station in the circuit. The number of circuit stations, workload times and recovery segments vary depending on our goals for that session. An instructor is always present, watching students form, providing feedback and encouraging each student. Class sizes are small enough that students get the individual attention they might expect from personal training.

Open Power Circuit

The Open Power Circuit runs for 2 consecutive hours. Members can jump in at any time, work at their own pace and finish when they want. Members are encouraged to be creative and work on their own. The difference being that; in a regular session we plan your workout, in open workouts a member can choose an individual attribute that they wish to improve upon and focus their session on that specific area of interest. The member can spend as little as 20 minutes or up to 2 hours training depending on their needs.

See our fitness class schedule.

LKF Open Workout (by appointment only)

Our studio is available to members on an appointment basis Mon-Fri.

From 8:00am till 4:00pm. Members can come and use the facility on their own or book a private training session. An instructor is not present.

See our fitness class schedule.


16 years of age and over

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